Notes for an Epilogue

Tamas Dezso

27th October – 21st December 2016

Text caption

Notes for an Epilogue and Here, Anywhere are on-going bodies of work depicting a time of transition in rural Romania and across Hungary following the fall of Communism in the late 1980s.

The projects comprise images of large-scale, painterly landscapes, derelict factories and life on the periphery of society. With these series Dezso is not offering portraits of a nation but rather a careful examination of the decaying ruins of the Soviet era, their effects on villages, communities and individuals and the slow disappearance of centuries-old traditions.

Carefully balancing fine art photography and traditional photojournalism, Dezso makes use of muted colour palettes and winter scenery to imbue his images with an atmosphere that portrays universal phenomena such as physical and intellectual isolation, survival and demise.

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