Guy Dickinson

Station I

38cm x 55.4cm

Station III

38cm x 55.4cm

Station IX

38cm x 55.4cm

Station V

38cm x 55.4cm

Station VII

38cm x 55.4cm

Station X

38cm x 55.4cm

Limited edition giclee prints

Edition of 5

Unframed £450

Framed £660


To enquire email

or call   +44 (0)121 236 5444


Guy Dickinson is an artist living and working in Yorkshire.

Immersing himself in the landscape, his work seeks to unearth the intrinsic nature of the immediate physical environment.  He scours, combs and sifts, eyes shifting from foreground to background, from details to horizons looking to tease out some essence of how we perceive the world around us.  Horizon, depth of field and perspective have been slowly relinquished in favour of texture, tone and surface. Developed through a repetitive process of layering and distillation, these quietly cartographic fields invite us to look again at the landscape and the complexity of our place within it.