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Joseph Minek is an artist who exploits the photographic medium to his own, unique creative end.  Experimenting with the materiality of the photograph, he pushes it to the limit of recognizing it as photography. Although using the traditional processes of light and chemicals, he subverts their established uses to produce exceptional images ranging from the geometric to the aqueous.

“I question how to depict photography as a self-reflexive entity, not as a conduit to speak of the outside world. Being fascinated by the complex processes used to generate a photographic work, I strip down photography to essentials: light and chemical reactions. Working in a brightly lit darkroom, I expose photographic paper to the space rendering it useless for its intended purpose. Through various ways of applying chemicals to the exposed paper, I purposefully test the edges of what happens when different parameters are intentionally set beyond their limits. The finished works are luminescent, vivid-coloured abstract compositions.”   Joseph Minek


Joseph Minek is based in Cleveland, Ohio. He received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in Photography & Film from Virginia Commonwealth University and his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the Cleveland Institute of Art. His work has been exhibited internationally including Berlin, New York and Seattle. His book ‘Open in Total Darkness’ was published in 2018 (Outlandish Press, Ohio).


Artist Joseph Minek from Ricky Rhodes on Vimeo.