Mark Murphy

Original hand cut paper collages. Prices from £750

Also available as signed, embossed limited edition giclee prints. Prices from £150

For more information e-mail or call 0121 236 5444


Mark Murphy plays with scale and form to produce simple, surreal pieces. Appropriating pictures from books and magazines from the past 60 years, his work reflects upon modern culture by literally slicing apart its imagery and reassembling it into striking, disjointed combinations. Based on random associations of discordant images, his compositions can be humorous, uncanny, political and thought provoking as in ‘For that moment at least, everything balanced precariously on the prospect of big bucks…’  where the playful image also functions as a social commentary on economic inequality.

Mark Murphy an artist, designer and musician working from a shared studio space in Stirchley, close enough to Cadbury’s chocolate factory to smell Flake on a densely cloudy day. His work has been exhibited internationally (New York, Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin) and nationally (London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Bristol, Birmingham and Format 2019).  He has been published internationally  (Crack Magazine, 2017) and in a specially created book REMAINS to accompany an exhibition of the same name.