Samin Ahmadzadeh

Dream Lake (2018)

25.7cm x 15.8cm


It Was Cold, It Was Loud (2019)

25.8cm x 16.9cm


The Wave and The Rock (2019)

19.1cm x 11.5cm


The Lido (2019)

38.4cm x 23.4cm


Big Day (2018)

10.9cm x 15cm


Australian Beach (2019)

18.1cm x 11.8cm


Dry Season (2018)

26.7 x 17.9cm


Grandfather (2018)

11.5 x 15.7cm


Beyond the Dunes (2018)

18.8 x 11.7cm


Mehri & Fariba (2018)

10.5 x 16cm


Their Face (2018)

18 x 24.5cm


Looking North (2018)

16.6 x 12.9cm


East of the Caucasus (2018)

26.7 x 14.9cm


Into the Wild (2018)

26.3 x 16.9cm


Karun River (2018)

17.3 x 12.3cm


The Tree (2017)

11 x 15.5cm


All pieces are unique handwoven laser photographs on birch ply.


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While the photographic medium is the starting point of Ahmadzadeh’s practice, she experiments with image manipulation to illustrate her ideas concerning cross-cultural perspectives on identity.

The works have been created using a unique process of scanning, shredding and then intricately hand weaving photographs together into interlocking patterns. Archival images of portraits and landscapes are blended to produce rare and enigmatic images emphasising the idea that through the depth and variety of lived experiences, geographical and cultural differences become less apparent and instead give way to a portrait of common humanity. Amidst a time in which we find social, political and physical barriers being built to corner off cultures and communities, this is an eloquent and persuasive body of work about our interrelatedness.

The process of physically manipulating the images allows Ahmadzadeh to explore the relationship between form, colour and surface that reference cultural elements of her native country’s creative legacy.


Samin Ahmadzadeh (b.1989) is an Iranian artist based in London. After completing her MA from Central Saint Martins, London, she was immediately shortlisted for the Best Original Still Award at the Guardian Witness Awards 2014 and highlighted as ‘One to Watch’ by Saatchi Art in 2016. Also in 2016 she was commissioned to produce a 500-piece installation Recollection for the Reportrait exhibition at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery. The same year she also participated in the 2nd ICA Biennale in Tehran. Her work is collected internationally and has been exhibited in America, Iran, the Netherlands, the UK and Spain.