Sayako Sugawara

Pond: Signed limited edition C-Type prints

Editions of 10 + AP

S: 13.5 x 19 cm/7’ x 10’ – £250

M: 18 x 24 cm on 9’ x 12’ – £350



Portals: Signed limited edition silver gelatin prints

Edition of 3 plus 2 APs

Ed. 1     £220

Ed. 2    £250

Ed. 3    £300


To enquire email

or call +44 (0)121 236 5444

Portals is an on-going series of black and white collages that experiments with the tensions created by placing images from geographically dissociated environments together, thereby generating new and unfamiliar narratives.  Using images shot on iPhone and initially made for Instagram, the project also questions how we create, relate to and value images made for and appearing on social media.

Images are taken out of their initial viewing platform and made physically available through traditional printing techniques, thus presenting us with an alternative viewing option.

The physical collages are created by printing out the Instagram images, collaging two prints together, re-photographing them and then creating a film negative to be hand-printed on to expired silver gelatin paper.  Printing on to expired photographic paper often produces very dark images with little contrast, requiring further treatment using a bleaching technique to regain the images. The unpredictable nature of this method consequently makes each piece unique.

Pond continues to explore the notion of a ‘portal’. Through this series the pond offers a portal to the imaginary and unconscious. The photographs were made at the same location over a period of two years during Sugawara’s commute to work.

Sayako Sugawara is a London based Japanese artist working with photography, moving image and installation. Using various photographic processes, her work is a poetic exploration of memory, imagination, stillness and movement. The tactile aspect of the working process is essential in her practice.

Sugawara’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in both solo and group shows. Solo shows include fotodiskurs (Germany) and Expositieruimte Moira (Netherlands). Group shows include ArtWorks Open 2014, BOM (U.K) and Seen Fifteen Gallery (U.K).